Can vitamins help your hair grow?

Seriously. I dont know. My hair does not grow. When it does it just splits apart and looks awful and frizzy. I didn't cut it for a year and it didnt grow hardly at all. But when I was pregnant my hair grew. I am trying to figure out.what it my own natural hormones that made it grow or the prenatal vitamins?
What vitamins would help?


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    Im sure it was pregancy and the prenatual vits . i take GNC Ultra NourishHair and Ultra mega vits together both twice a day and my hair has grown alot. but i did a trim the other day . :D
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    Try biotin and eat more protein. 8)
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    GNC ultra nourishair works well for me. My hair grows much faster now. My hair generally grew super slow. I eat a good bit of protein too. When I exercise regular my hair grows faster too. Healthy body makes healthy hair
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    I take pre-natal vitamins, and I've noticed a difference. Also make sure to eat plenty of protein and drink lots of water.
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    I will try those!