Organix ... has anyone tried it

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I just saw this line at my local Harmons and was very tempted to try it. They do smell delicious and are sulfate free. I was interested in trying out the shea butter or the coconut one. Has anyone tried this before? The bottle was $6.99. The only thing that stopped me is that I JUST ordered the BB [buylink=]soy cream shampoo[/buylink] and [buylink=]Curls milkshake[/buylink] and asian tea deep treatment. So I rather give those a try before I dish money out like crazy. Sometimes I wish all beauty stores were like sephora where u can take a sample home try it then decide. Harmon's has an 100% guarantee, refund anytime policy but uggh thats annoying.

That is the website, though it doesnt have much info. I did cheat and while I was smelling it I dabbed abit on my finger and rubbed it on a dry curl (soo horrible) and it felt nice. But I just didnt want to take the plunge yet.

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