Perimenopause and Fatigue

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I am 43 and my mother went through menopause at this age. I am wondering if the extraordinary fatigue I am experiencing the last couple months is related to my approaching menopause. It is also such a suddenly cold winter on the east coast so I do also suspect it could be the related to the weather and lack of sunshine?

What might this be? I look and feel awful.


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    I have been experiencing extreme fatigue as well.
    I had Epstein Barr a few years ago and am wondering if it's that again....?
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    As far as me and my doc knows nothing is wrong with me except sliding into menopause and I'm tired. For a while I was so tired I would nap like a narcoleptic person. It's a bit better than that now but still.
    I hope it gets better after the periods stop and things level out. Please someone tell me this gets better.
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    Check to see if you are anemic. Last year at this time I was so lethargic and exhausted. I had palpitations and my chest felt tight. Climbing the stairs just wore me out. I would be huffing and puffing and my hips and thigh muscles would feel tight. I didn't know what was wrong with me. I had an ekg, cholestorol check, blood pressure etc. They could not find anything wrong, finally my doctor scheduled me for a stress test, but decided to check my blood too. The next morning he called and said he canceled the stress test because I was extremely anemic. I hadn't had a blood test in 5 yrs. and he figured because of my heavy periods and small fibroid that slowly my levels had pulled down to 7, half of the normal range. I take iron every day now and am back to normal. You might want to check if you haven't had a blood test lately.

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    Menopause really zapped my energy. The hot flashes are a lot less now and my energy level has gone up. It's not where it was before, but so much better. Hang in there.
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