Growing out an Ouidad cut

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So I participated as a hair model at their salon sometime in December last year. I was happy to be picked because I was getting my hair styled and cut for free. The results were nice. I walked out with a great cut and lovely curls. After a couple of days I went to cowash and saw how thin my hair was,much thinner than it was before. I had so much shedding before the cut due to having a baby. I was so sad of how thin my hair became. As far as the overall cut,like the way my curls fall in place is great. But the whole debulking my hair I wish I didn't do. Now that I am growing it out,my hair especially at the roots is very frizzy. No matter how much gel or conditioner I put,my roots still look frizzy and dry. I soooo can't wait to grow out this cut and get my hair back to normal.

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