Jessicurl HCC or stick with my COwashes?

I am having a hair dilemma here (aren't we all??) and who better to turn to than my curly haired experts!

I have been following the CG routine for about 2 and a half years and have only been using conditioner to "wash" my hair. I've been getting awesome results, but I'm getting concerned that maybe I should start using a sulfate-free poo once in awhile to really clean my scalp??

The thing is I have VERY dry hair and when I used Devachan's NoPoo, that dried my hair out too. One of the Devachan's stylists recommended that I DON'T use the NoPoo at all, just condish for awhile, that's how fried and stripped my hair tends to get.

My question is this: Is the [buylink=]Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] moisturizing enough or does it tend to dry out hair a bit, being a poo of sorts? I am terrified of any products that are referred to as "cleansers". I don't want stripped or straw hair again after taking so much time to get my hair back to health, but I am sooo tempted to try the HCC as it sounds so moisturizing.

Anyone with VERY dry hair (that does NOT do well with proteins-BTW) have good results with the Jessicurl?? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!!TIA!
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