Growing my hair out this summer

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Well i'm starting to transition into going curly, this summer & maybe the whole year if it turns out well. My hair is a 3A/3B curly type & just a little above my shoulders (I relaxed it once, & some of the 3B curls turned into 3A curls). I just wanted some pointers on growing it faster to at least my chest area. Please help :)


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    There are tons of things you can do. Just make sure your ends are healthy so you can retain growth. If you see them starting to split, break or looking a bit damaged you can trim them with professional hair shears (hair dressers sometimes get a little scissor happy).
    Also make sure that it is moisturized, keep up with your deep treatments.
    Make sure you are staying hydrated and getting proper nutrition.
    Don't flat iron or use any chemicals including dye.
    Be gentile with your hair and use a satin pillow case so you protect it while you sleep.
    My hair reaches the top of my butt right now when it is straight, what helped me the most was cutting out the heat styling and keeping my hair moisturized.
    You could also try scalp massages to help stimulate blood flow to your follicles.
    There are tons of other things you can do to take care of your hair, healthy hair will grow and retain length. I'm sure you can find more info on this site in the articles section.

    Good luck :)
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    I'm in your situation almost exactly! same hair type, length, and growth goals! I hope more people respond with advice because I'm eager to know as well.

    I read that ayervedic herbs can be great to stimulate hair growth. I'm in the process of developing a routine with some. I plan to infuse some oil for scalp massage. Then I'll probably use some amla and shikakai, maybe infused with soap nuts as a paste applied to the scalp for cleansing. Then amla, brahmi, vitamin e, and marshmallow root infused honey water as a conditioner. I also plan to make some FSG infused with some fun herbs for styling.

    I have no idea whether this will work, but I already know my hair loves henna, so I have high hopes for the herbs! I also know that my hair really likes honey water rinses, so infused with more herbs to stimulate growth shouldn't hurt.

    good luck with growing out and keep us posted on your progress :)
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    Same length, trying to get to chest length as welk, but i have 3b\3c i heard hairinfinity pills help grow an extra inch a month,but after about 5 months of growth the hair gets used to it, (I tried it for a month [ I took it inconsistently] but it still grew more than usual)

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