What’s Your Hair Treatment Routine?

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My name is Katrina. I have been natural for about 2 years and I have yet to get a solid moisturizing routine down. When my hair gets dry it feels tough, but it is usually soft while it is wet. I don't really have a specific curl pattern, so I am always twisting my hair to get some waves. So far I have tried Carol's Daughter and Jane Carter products. I try to stay away from products with too much chemicals. I have also tried putting coconut oil, olive oil, and honey in my hair. Nothing I use has lasting affects. My hair looks good for like 2 or 3 days after I wash it. After that all the moisture just leaves my hair, and I don't want to constantly wet my hair. Once my hair gets dry not much can penetrate the hair shaft, not even oils. I was wondering, what are some of your hair routines that seem to keep your hair moisturized?
African American with type 4a hair. I have been natural since 2005.


  • gia0202gia0202 Registered Users Posts: 50
    you should conditioner rinse it between washes---but if ur scalp starts itching---just wash it.
  • denisemouniedenisemounie Registered Users Posts: 255
    Pure Vitamin E works wonders! You can find it at any whole foods store.
    4a/4b... at this point, Henna has to be my friend, cause I've tried EVERYTHING else!!

    Henna, Afro Detangler, KBB hair cream, Vitamin E oil, Qhemet AOHC, AND no more letting my hair dry curly... darn knots are driving me crazy!!:happy7:


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