need help with hair coloring, please

I now have too much gray to ignore. I tried using a temporary color at home a few years ago (Garnier Fructis brand) and it made my face break out. I do not have sensitive skin and have never had problems with any other beauty products.

I am debating getting it done at my salon. I go to a Deva certified stylist.

I want something gentle and not permanent. I mainly want to cover up the gray, not radically change my hair color, which is dark brown.

I am worried about the dye drying out my hair, which is very dry already.

Does anyone have any tips on how to prepare my hair, and what types of coloring is out there that is more gentle? I know it can vary by what the salon carries.

Also, are most sulfate free shampoos safe to use on colored hair? I mainly use Shea Moisture or Trader Joe's shampoo once or twice a week at the most.

Thank you!


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    If you semi permanent at home get used to avoiding your face, a high pigment colour will stain your skin and facial hair. I coat my face and ears with west African shea butter or a high lanolin skin cream (can use any oil or butter that works for your skin), apply the product with a brush for neatness. Section carefully and clip before you start, begin at the crown and finish with the hairline. Application takes me an hour.

    The problem you may have is getting virgin hair to take and hold a semi permanent dye, especially if your hair is low porosity because virgin hair is water resistant and these dyes are water based. You can leave the product on for hours since it is simple conditioner base. You could also try applying right after a baking soda wash because that is alkaline and raises the cuticle.

    Maintain the colour by washing in cool water using products at an acidic pH around 4.5 so that the cuticle remains sealed. Limit water so use leave in instead of wash out conditioner, dry shampoo between washes.
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    Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Au Naturale styling gelee
    Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
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