LP, Coarse curlies: what products do you use?

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Please specify if you change products seasonally, which ones do you use when?


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    I just had a huge eye-opener yesterday. I knew I was low porosity, but I wasn't putting 2-and-2 together. I was using products that were very low pH but I see now I need to use products with a higher pH to open the cuticles, but then what?

    What worked for me yesterday was washing my hair with Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap first and then co-washing. My hair was soooo soft after I t-shirt dried it. But then, what do I do? Do I use something else to close my cuticles? Are they going to automatically close back by themselves? What do I do about leave-ins & stylers?

    For those of you that have your lo po routine down, can you help a sista out :)
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    Hey, sistah: I am LP. I dont look at the PH of a product, but I can tell you that I need to avoid oils, protein and glycerin, all of which "sit" on my hair (LP hair does not absorb products) and interact with the humidity, so I was winding up with frizz or no shape at the end of the day. I have started applying products, and then using a hair dryer for about 2 minutes. That helps hugely. Products do not open the cuticle as far as I know; salon services do, like hair coloring, etc. I always thought that a vinegar rinse after castille soap was a good thing.
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    Thanks for the info! I also avoid protein, glycerin and just stopped applying oil to seal my hair. I read that heat helps products to absorb so I'll try applying heat after my leave in as you suggested.

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    I'm lo-po but damaged; it's tricky. It's not as easy as "oh, the damaged hair is high porosity now." No, no, no. I was applying a ton of product to soaking wet hair before--as is generally a good idea for curls--and wondering why I has a dull, bushy, shapeless mass of frizz. Then I figured out I was lo-po and was basically just turning myself into a vehicle for product.

    So what I do now is co-wash and RO with Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture--my hair really seems to like it--and then I wrap my head in a t-shirt and then over that a regular towel. I have to get some of the water out in order to get any moisturizing products in. Then, with damp hair, I spray the canopy only with 50/50 olive oil and water spray; comb that through and give it a minute to absorb. Then I apply about a quarter-sized dab of Just for Me Hair Milk to the canopy only. I smooth it from roots to ends and then scrunch. Then airdry.

    Good hair day today. :)
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