Media Rant: Approach to the case of kidnapped and murdered ME teen

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Apparently the police are inclined to believe that the suspect in this case staged the kidnapping in order to later find her, and be credited with her rescue. It is the suspect, Kyle Dube's, story, according to his brother.

If you google news for this story (the victim is Nichole Cable) almost every headline reflects something tantamount to the wannabe hero's plot went awry.

After luring her, via Facebook, out to the woods near her home, he snatched her while in disguise, duct-taped her, and went away with her in his father's truck. She accidentally died at some point in the transit, and in wanting to erase all connection to her, he also left her naked when he dumped her body.

It doesn't really add up, but the media seems to be honoring the thought that his plan to be a hero went wrong. He may just be THAT dumb, that his logic in response to an already dumb plan going wrong doesn't make sense.

I suspect the media is running with it because it makes the headline about it sound a little more unique and attention catching than a standard kidnapping and murder story though. It just really bugs me... let's not honor his ****ing story in headlines.
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    The story sounded like BS to me too. Whhhhhyyy would this guy want to be a hero so badly?
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    I don't doubt that he used Facebook contact to lure her, and that he was pretending to be another guy...a mutual acquaintance.

    I'm pretty sure the cops know that much at this point, with the online evidence of it. The guy he was pretending to be apparently knew that Kyle Dube was posing as him on Facebook.

    It's just all the rest of it. It does sound like BS. There's a chance it isn't, of course. But reading all these headlines you would think this guy had no intention of really harming her, and the authorities understand that to be fact.

    The affidavit's wording leaves it open, and that's good enough for the media to run with the suspect's word on what happened in their headlines because the 'twist' to this kidnapping and murder will net more clicks. The apparent lack of dignity (I could be getting something wrong) in their prioritizing just pisses me off and makes me ashamed of the profession.
    “It was only a sunny smile and little it cost in the giving but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    I had not even heard of this case (I have not been able to watch news or keep up with many headlines this week) so thank you for posting.

    I read 4 articles on it, and they all pretty much said the same. His on line activity showed he had contacted the 15 year old, numerous times, with the fake profile, trying to get her to meet him. He had told a few people that he wanted to sleep with her, but she had rejected him, and the story he told his brother after the kidnapping.

    He is 20 years old and his fascination/stalking of a 15 year old is disturbing enough. I know 5 years is not a huge difference, in the grand scheme of things, but freshman in high school and sophomore in college is. If he was that fascinated with her, and she kept rejecting him, I would not doubt him having a fantasy of saving her so she would be more open to his advances BUT I also would not doubt him having a revenge fantasy due to the rejections.

    It does seem that she suffocated from the tape he used to cover her mouth, and obviously nose. I guess you could call that accidental, but no one really knows for sure.

    I am sickened by the media, period. It is nothing but half a$$ed reporting, and far from the days of responsible journalism. They take one thing and run with it, openly leaving out numerous facts or details, story after story.
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