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Hello everyone. So about 2 months ago I put a box color in my hair. It was by dark and lovely, in the shade red hot rhythm. However, only my roots turned out the same color on the box lol but that was fine. Seeing as how reds tend to fade the quickest, it definitely did. My hair is just like some shade of brown now, and you can only see it in the sunlight. It's summer break for me now and I want to go lighter. I think I should've gone blonde from the start but I wanted something different. I want to go blonde now, so my question is what is the best way of going about it. I don't bleach my hair. Box color or rinse only. And I would prefer not to be suggested to go to a stylist. I would only go to one if there is something I cannot myself. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.


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    If your hair is naturally dark you won't get blonde with a peroxide only box dye, only with a persulphate bleach product. You risk frying your hair, ALWAYS do strand tests with shed plug hole hair to avoid surprises such as you have had. What is damaging is how many shades you lift and how alkaline the product is, not simply peroxide or persulphate.

    Permanent reds are prone to fading, depending how porous your hair is and your routine. Limit washing, cool water only, conditioner only wash or use a sulphate free shampoo at pH 4.5.

    The better option than a permanent red is to lift the base colour to mid or light brown, then get the red shade with a high pigment semi permanent. Leave the semi colour on two to four hours to get a lasting shade. Again do strand tests.

    If you definitely want to get rid of the red use a peroxide free colour remover, I think Color Oops is but please check the ingredients. You need to follow the instructions to the letter and keep your whole head warm, does not sound like you maintained a consistent temperature with the red box dye. These are not supposed to be damaging but you should not dye over it for a couple of weeks as the colour may revert.
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    Coloring to hair depends on your hair. You don't try to blonde, it will makes your hair rough or you will not get it properly. You can color your hair again according to your choice. Concern to professional hairstylist for this before taking the decision.

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    I've also used red hot rhythm this year, and then henna. The only thing I can really say is make sure you moisturize. Also some of the box dyes have bleach in them now. Be careful because you could be bleaching you hair and not knowing it. It is usually the blonde dye's and light color dyes that contain the bleach. I hope you have wonderful results.

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