Would a pixie cut work?

jelaminejelamine Posts: 2Registered Users
I've been wanting to cut my hair short for months, my hair is really thin and fine, as well as its very odd. its wavy from the top, gets curlier further down. Other than that, it does what it wants. I'm attaching a picture for help, would a pixie cut work?


  • MaureenFMethenyMaureenFMetheny Posts: 13Registered Users
    My advice -- NO! don't do it. I got a pixie cut a few weeks ago. I now have little grandma curls all over my head. So frustrating because no one seems to be able to tell me how to relax the curls just a little bit until they grow out. I think a short curly bob is the best bet for us curlies.
  • chloe7000chloe7000 Posts: 29Registered Users
    My advice: do it! About a month ago I cut my shoulder length 3a curls into a pixie and I love it! Its so much easier to take care of and in my opinion looks alot better. because I dont have alot of root curl my hair was practically straight at that length. however growing it out can be hard and relatively unattractive for some. Fortunately for me I think it's actually the best my hair's looked in a long time. I can't find any good pics of when I first cut my hair but here's a month's amount of growth with several trim since then

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    That's a ton of root curl. And VERY cute. Take a lol at the thread in the 2 forum called "it's only been a year".
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