Dryness and frizz

Tash609Tash609 Posts: 9Registered Users
Any ideas as to how I combat my frizz and dryness. I can define my curls, but it poofs after about an hour. I deep condition, have tried different products, lots of water, no water, different oils. No progress. I cold rodded last night - waste of 3 hrs. Dry mess this morning.


  • eveechazareeeveechazaree Posts: 39Registered Users
    Have you tried, sectioning your hair and doing a hot oil treatment, then wash your hair, do a deep condition leave it over night. Are you using shampoo? Maybe try co-washing for a week or so and see how that works out
  • CwmarieCwmarie Posts: 32Registered Users
    Are you using any protein? Sealing after moisturizing? Using an oil to do any take downs of twists?

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  • Tash609Tash609 Posts: 9Registered Users
    I only shampoo when absolutely necessary because I've heard it dries your hair out. I cowash, mostly. Sulfate free shampoo when necessary. I've pre pooed, didn't help. I hot oiled last night. I seal in with oils all the time. Nothing seems to help. I really hope this isn't how my hair is because I don't think I can do the natural thing, if so. It's just a mess. It may just be because I haven't fully transitioned (a year at the end of June). I hope that is the reason.

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