Curls unleashed shampoo?????

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Hi all!

I'm hoping to get some help. I'm thinking about doing the co wash or low poo. I bought the curls unleashed shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner. But I'm using la Bella curls gel and sauve hair spray (8). I have 2 questions.... the curls unleashed shampoo is it low poo? And is the sauve hair spray bad for the low poo/co wash lifestyle :) I read the ingredients for the hair spray and i "don't" think there is a silicone in it. ...

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    Hairspray is not strict Curly Girl, it always contains drying alcohols and usually contains ingredients that need shampoo to wash away such as polyquats. It is not generally totally water soluble or it would be useless in damp weather or if you sweated even the tiniest bit. If you are using a sulphate free shampoo you may well be able to get away without build up, if you conditioner only wash you may not.

    You should be able to get enough hold from the right amount of the right gel or mousse, I went for a long walk to the top of a hill in breezy weather last week, had nice enough hair in the evening to go on a night out, absolutely gobsmacked because I was convinced I was getting tangles and frizz. My hair and climate seem to do well with as much humectants (propylene glycol) as hold. I also get massively less pouf and frizz from conditioner-only washing than from any shampoo, even if sulphate free.

    I would recommend reading the articles on the main NC site by 'curl chemist' Tonya MacKay, the stickies on this board and the general haircare board, the Natural Haven blog. Between those most or all of your questions about ingredients should be answered. If you are still unsure post the ingredients lists for the products you mention here, without those nobody can tell you if those products are suitable or not.
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