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I have been interested in getting a keratin treatment for a while for my 3b/c hair. My primary goal would be to defrizz and possibly reduce volume, but I also want to keep my hair curly. Are there specific brands/techniques that can be used to maintain curl? Thanks!
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    Hi there,

    I was terrified yet hopeful when I got my first keratin treatment a few years ago! My first round was Coppola, which initially left my hair a lot straighter than I wanted. It was wash-and-go beach wavy for a few weeks, then as it wore off it became more like 2b, then 3a...I liked how the curls looked, but at the same time the roots were growing in very curly in comparison to the rest of my hair. It wasn't a great look! The next time, I tried the Brazilian Blowout. I loved how it took away the frizz and volume, yet still left some curl! I hear that different hair responds differently to the various treatments that are out there. So you may have to try a few different kinds. With the BB, I let my stylist know that I wanted to leave as much curl as possible, but I'm not sure how much control they have over that.

    Since then, I've been getting a BB about every 5 months or so. In combination with the Brazilian Blowout shampoo and Moroccanoil conditioner, my hair has been very happy. The roots still grow in super curly, but I am able to manage them by flat ironing them to blend into the rest of my hair until I save up for my next treatment. Not the ideal method, but these treatments are expensive!

    For that reason, I actually just purchased some Kerapremium to try my first DIY keratin treatment. Wish me luck!

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