HELP! My hair is changing, turning wavy?

Okay, so here is what's happening with my curls.

I got a haircut, a bit above shoulder length in April. I use shampoo and conditioner (Though I plan to switch to co-washing soon) and my hair just keeps turning weird..

After the haircut I got totally off balance with my routine! My usual products weren't working, so I tried many different "systems". I've tried garnier, pantene, Shea Moisture, Dove, Herbal Essences, Suave Naturals, and I have so many half-empty products in my bathroom closet that have failed to work! They usually leave my hair dry, over-saturated, frizzy, or it "extends" where it gets very big and ugly.

The thing is, a miracle is happening at the back of my hair. It's turning WAVY! My mom has luscious wavy hair, my dad has this african-jewfro type of hair and I got this weird mixture. As a baby my hair was wavy/straight, then when I became a child it was SUPER curly. Easily classified here in the curly book. Now its, well, I don't even know. I'm 14, almost 15 and I am so confused. The bottom can be brushed with a normal brush, with no poof, just like my moms hair.

The thing is, it looks honestly weird! The top part of my hair is curly, random ringlets form, and the sides seem to be loose and don't curly, they look like I put bad mousse in them and they don't turn into any ringlets, and the bottom part doesn't react to ANY curly products. Its very soft and healthy though. And it IS exposed outside, not insulated hair that is inside.

So right now I don't know what to do for my hair. I've gone way over my hair product limit, leaving me with TreSemee no-silicone conditioner, Dove cool moisture shampoo, and herbal essences totally twisted conditioner. Now all of a sudden I discover siliocone's are not my friend, so I wasted money on a bottle of THAT, and now I can't use shampoo?? Why must curly hair be so frustratingly picky.

By the way, my hair is fine with low porosity. So it's a bad combo going on here. I need help on how to style it! >.< I also wanted to know that if I thinned out my poofy curly top layers, would it even out into a wavy pattern? Because my curls seem to be turning loose. The water in my state is hard, so I use a water purifier but saw no difference. What do I do! HELP!

ALSO: I've tried the CG method before, in fact I stuck with it for an entire month and a half, and saw no difference in my curls. I used silicone-free products and my curls were, as always, limp and ugly.
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    I'm not at all clear what curl pattern(s) you think you had prior to cutting your hair, but if you had quite an open/ large diameter curl in some areas it's possible some parts of your hair are simply too short to look properly curly now. A photo or two would help, given your age please be sure to protect your identity (hide your face) and ask your parents consent before posting photos. Not sure thinning out and shortening already fine hair is the answer.

    Really CG needs more than six weeks trial, unless you are lucky and hit on the right combination of products from day one. You don't have to quit all shampoo, you can use a very gentle sulphate free product if you wish - this often suits those with thin, fine hair or scalp issues.

    If your hair is fairly short, low porosity and has not had any chemical processes you may well not need as much moisture as many curlies. Many of us do find silicones make our hair limp, and they can easily build up, have you clarified? What styling products are you using? Are you considering your local weather/ dew points?

    You might also make or doctor some of your hair products with ingredients you have around the home or can be purchased cheaply. Gelatine makes a good protein treatment, Ingredients that can help encourage curl include epsom salts, coconut oil and honey. Dilute white vinegar rinses to help the cuticle lay flat, vitamin C or citric acid can help with chelating from hard water.
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    It could also possibly just be hormones, especially given your age. I had stick straight, and I mean *straight* hair up until puberty. Then it started going very, very slightly wavy, at least on a good day. At around 15 my hair became definitively wavy, 2a/b, and have stayed that way since.
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