My buddy got fired :(

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There is a woman at work that hates my friend. We have a new girl in our team this week. They both started to talk about to this new girl about how bad the place is. The woman, lets call her V went to HR with something my friend, C, said. She said that C said to new girl that "there is no bonus structure so you can sit back and relax because you are not going to get much"

Next thing you know, HR goes to the owners, the owners say to fire someone. The new girl said that C did say something about the bonus being low and next thing you know C gets fired.

I have complained in the past about my company here. The place will now be hell for me, as my friend is not there.

My friend C is happy because this is not a devastation for her financially and now she can job search for a better job full time. We are not allowed to use cellphone or have personal calls. They monitor us so it is very hard to even step out and go talk to a recruiter. I am happy for her. Just sad for me.
Now I am left to deal with a bully. This is the same bully that said to the new girl: "You can't use the cellphone here. C can't use it, I can't use it and you know why other people CAN use it and WE can't?"
Mind you my friend C, V and new girl are all black. She left it at that and didn't single me out as I was part of the conversation too but I am not black.
I want to go to my manager with this comment because she set my friend up to get fired meanwhile she is making racial comments that are not true.
Lots of people have been fired in our company for using their cellphone and none has been black. So no, that is not the reason.
That bully got my buddy fired mean while she is making comments that are worse and not even true. So sad for me to work at a place like this.


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    I am sorry, Violets. It sounds like it is hard enough to get through the day where you work w/o someone trying to get people fired. I am glad your friend is putting a positive spin on a ishtty situation, but sorry you are left alone there. I hope you can find something better. If that is not an option, I hope you can be left alone to just do your job and go home, without any petty stuff.
    When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??


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