curl looseners

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so I have three different textures in my hair. on the right side it is 2b and it is easy to work with. on the left side it is 3a and pretty thick. then in the back it is 3b and is not cooperative in any way. I used to straighten my hair everyday until 2 weeks ago when I decided enough was enough and I want to grow my hair out and straightening it isn't healthy. sooo I was wondering what I can do to make the left and back of my head 2b and wavy! also keratin doesn't have any effect on my hair besides making it waxy and hard to deal with...


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    yeah i have different types of hair going on on my head too, also my hair is really long so it gets stringy-looking if i leave it natural. so i do pin curls. here's a great vid: Semi-HEATLESS Bobby-Pin Curls Hairstyle! (for all hair types) -AndreasChoice - YouTube

    so now i do it every time i style my hair, i dont do it any other way. at first its kinda hard but once you get the hang of it, its a breeze. it give you a sort of curling-iron curl, all the curls are nice and uniform and pretty. plus there's no product involved so thats another plus. i mean, unless you want it, which i do sometimes, so the curls are more defined. but i use garnier fructis curl-shaping gel, which is AMAZING, no crunch or silicones (as far as i know).
    good luck! :)