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Hello, I've been CG/ low-poo for around a month and though my hair is looking amazing, I'm having trouble figuring out how to wash and dry my hair. I used to condition my hair upside down, comb and wash out under the showerhead and then scrunch in a bit more conditioner before washing that out and plopping. The problem with this was that when I took out the plop, the hair in the back of my head would all be pushing forward, as if i had combed it towards the front of my head and if I tried gently taking each clump and putting it where it belonged my roots would be all lumpy and tangled. So I recently started doing the same routine but without flipping my head upside down in the shower, and my hair lies the way it's supposed to, but has lost most of its curl. I also go to sleep with wet hair using the pinapple method, but my hair is still damp in the morning, and by the time I'm done getting dressed, etc my hair has barely wavy roots with curly ends. ANY advice from you wise wavies would be amazing, thanks:notworthy::toothy8:


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    Try washing, conditioning and combing right way up, then flip and shake your head to get your hair upside down without combing it. You can also shake your fingers through the roots a little. Then plop. This should help keep the roots from setting into the upside down position too firmly

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    The back of my hair has less curl than the front, and I also get tangly looking crown there from upside down washing and styling. I cannot plop the regular way nor pineapple it just pulls the back straighter as it dries. The back seems to drip dry faster than the front after washing too, perhaps because it is higher up when upside down or finer hair.

    Still very much experimenting but so far best results from applying extra product to the back to encourage clumping, forgetting plopping. Instead scrunching out the excess water with a flour sack towel, but leaving the back really quite wet when starting diffusing or flipping the right way up - the water helps hold any clumps.

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    thanks I'll be sure to try both of your suggestions :toothy8: