Springy curly ends, puffy undefined roots. Can you relate?

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As my hair has grown out, I have noticed my roots look undefined and puffy. Kinda of like cotton. I wonder if it's because I wear buns and ponytails so much. I add CURLS Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste for my edges. I twist them also because they don't always reach my ponytail. I wondering if as your hair grows, curls weigh down and your roots flatten out. I thought I might need more protein so I'm tossing that into my reggie along with adding oil to my roots as I used to do. Can anyone relate?


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    My hair does this too. I realized it's always been this way, I only notice now that's it's longer.

    I've been natural my entire life, but this current batch of hair is two and a half years old (long story involving chemo-related hair loss).
    My hair is about shoulder length curly, and almost MBL when straight. It was 16 inches last time i measured, a few months ago.

    Anyway, my ends are GORGEOUS. They're somewhat loose, defined coils. I have a few waves mixed in. The roots look like black cotton. I've tried everything to flatten it and have yet been unsuccessful. Sometimes I get good results with twist outs and braid outs. It takes like 2.5 hours to braid/twist my hair and my arms are killing me around the 2 hour mark so I give up and straighten my hair these days. Trying to move away from that though. It's not like is ruins the look.

    I heard curlformers are amazing.

    My point: learn to love it, because it doesn't really look that bad. :compress:
  • in2itgirlin2itgirl Posts: 30Registered Users
    Well at least I'm not alone in this. I was watching a girl on YouTube and noticed the same thing. Must be how it goes.

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