Might sound really dumb, but how do I make scrambled eggs??

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How do you make scrambled eggs? Mine always turn out strange! Thanks for any help :)


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    I hope somebody replies -- mine always turn out strange too! I think I start the "scrambling" too soon.
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:
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    I always loved my dad's scrambled eggs and when I moved out I was worried I wouldn't be able to make them the same way.

    I've tried a few times and they turn out great.

    First I take 2-3 eggs, depending on how hungry I am, and crack them in a bowl. I add a splash of milk--this makes them lighter colored, fluffier, and also helps the flavor.

    I pour them in a pan or skillet (after adding cooking spray, butter, or margarine) with medium heat. I've found that if the skillet is too hot the eggs turn brown very quickly and dry out. I start scrambling after a minute or so.

    Then after a few minutes I take them out. I don't like my eggs to be overdone so I take them out when they are still moist.

    Hope this helps! :)
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    a little milk or splash of water for extra moisture
    medium to medium low heat.
    move eggs around when the skin starts to form a bit.
    dont scramble vigirously. be gentle to flip and move eggs around. spatula is best.
    try using clarified butter if possible.
    salt/peper eggs afterwards. I found that salt in the raw mix makes eggs harder.
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    I'm glad you asked. :) I recently stumbled across an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown explained the "science" of scrambled eggs. The next day, I followed his instructions to the letter, just for kicks. :wink: I really didn't think that the instructions he gave would make that much difference. So I scrambled a couple of eggs for my then 17 year old son. Nobody but me knew that I was doing anything different. About thirty minutes after my son ate the eggs, he said "Mom, those were the best scrambled eggs I ever had. I don't know why they tasted so good. I must have been starving." :shock: I'm showing the link to it but here are the tips I learned from his show.

    1. Add a pinch of salt to the eggs after breaking them in the bowl. This breaks down something... gosh I can't remember now.. but do it anyway because it helps make them tender. :D
    2. Add 1 T of liquid per egg, either milk or water.
    3. Stir the eggs well, but don't beat them to death before you put them in the pan. Don't whip them, use a fork to stir.
    4. Melt the pat of butter in the pan over low heat until bubbly and pour in the eggs. Don't substitute, use butter. It's not much and it greatly affects the flavor.
    5. Slowly stir eggs in the pan with a rubber spatula until small curds begin to form.
    6. As soon as the curds begin to form, turn the burner to high heat, stop stirring and begin to fold with the spatula while kind of shaking the pan too.
    7. When they look almost done but not quite, put them on the plate and serve. Don't wait until they are completely dry to remove from the heat. Eggs continue to cook so if they look a little underdone, that's the time to remove them.

    This sounds like nothing but it really makes a difference in light fluffy eggs with wonderful texture.


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    I was going to reply with the Alton Brown method, too.
    It really does make great eggs. :D
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    a sinful tip:
    if you do happen to overcook the eggs, add a pat of butter after cooking to moisten them up.
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    Lalala - thanks for asking this question!

    Everyone else - thanks for replying. I finally made good scrambled eggs!
    I think that I deceive genius.:happy10:

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