Ends suddenly dry and

I've been naturally curly and CG for under a year, so this is my first winter-to-summer transition. For some reason as soon as the dews in my area (Northeastern US) went above 40 and I switched back to my glycerin products once, my ends started getting disgusting no matter what I do. I've tried using both my winter products (no humectants) and my spring/summer products (with glycerin), but my ends are staying dry and gross. I know I need a trim, but this seemed to happen quickly and excessively rather than over the time since I've had a haircut. The bottom 3" of my hair, overnight, became dry, crunchy, and gross. Deep treatments help for a couple days, but then it goes back to this. Do I deep treat every few days? Give up and cut 3" off my hair? :cry: Something else? Any advice is appreciated! :colors: Thanks!
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    If it's only the ends that would suggest to me you need a trim ASAP, perhaps they are much more porous so not responding well to the climate regardless of what you do. Could try clarifying/ chelating and some coconut oil soaks to try to reduce the porosity, but the longer you hold onto damaged ends the more you risk them damaging healthy younger hair.
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