Tips on growing my TWA to its full potential

Ravon08Ravon08 Registered Users Posts: 29
I just did my second BC 4/18/13. I love that's it's easy to care for my TWA, but I want my hair back ASAP. Here is the breakdown of my hair:
What can I do to promote hair growth? Any advice is welcomed.


  • PurpleStripePurpleStripe Registered Users Posts: 5
    The best and safest thing I could recommend is giving your scalp a good massage while you do your normal hair routines (shampooing, applying conditioner/oils, ect.) with the pads of your fingers.

    You'll be stimulating the hair follicles for stronger and faster hair growth.
  • benittobenitto Registered Users Posts: 1
    I think there are 5 methods for faster hair growth:
    1. Be careful how you treat your hair.
    2. Change you lifestyle
    3. Eat healthy
    4. Take supplements
    5. Go to your hairdresser regularly
    You can read more about hair growth in How to grow hair faster | The Healthiest
    Do you have the healthiest life?
  • rmc2rmc2 Registered Users Posts: 349
    I had a TWA last year in May. One year after, my 4a hair touches where my neck ends and shoulder starts, and I can do a pony tail. This is what I did:
    1) I never trim hair. If aint broke why fix it. I don't have split ends but on occasion I will remove a few hairs there and there that seem to stand out straight in the midst of my curls
    2) I only use fingers to detangle hair.
    3) I prepoo overnight with extra virgin coconut oil. 2x per week (tue and fri night)
    4) I Cowash 2x per week on wed and say morning
    5) I avoid sulfate and silicones. A good Cowash conditioner is trader joe
    Tea tree tingle and Vo5 moisture milk (but for that one u need to use a lot which is ok since it is only 99 cent)
    6) I deep condition 1x a week. My favorite is Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie
    7) When it is time to put my favorite curl gel (Hawaiian Silky Curl Activator), I don't put my fingers through hair but use the hand prayer method. You take some hair in between your palms (which have gel) and slide your hands root to end with the gel. Deep conditioners sometimes remove the detangling benefit of conditioners so before when I used to put gel by putting fingers through hair (can't remember term), it put more pressure on hair and I would end up having to detangle again as I out the gel on my hair. And when u do that, u obviously are more likely to have done hair come out of your fingers.
  • Ravon08Ravon08 Registered Users Posts: 29
    My hair becomes very tangled. I detangle 3x a week, but I'm starting to think that is too much. I will cut down to once a weel

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