Change in texture- less curl! =(

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My hair used to be a solid 3B...very tight spirals all the way from my scalp to the ends of my hair.

I am an Orthodox Jew and cover my hair in public, so it is usually braided (and yes, I have been using the evil hairbrush...I know...bad...), but never really noticed a change in texture. Now, my daughter is almost two, and on the few occasions I take down my hair and let it dry curly, I've noticed that my curls are GONE. There are still around 8 inches of "my" curls at the bottom of my hair (my hair is around hip-length), but just scraggly waves/almost straight hair the whole way up (maybe a mix of everything from 2A to 2C)!

Give that there are still some curls at the bottom, I think this is more a hormonal thing rather than the braiding- I braided it fairly often before I got married as well. My hair in general is also only about half as thick as it used to be...Thoughts? I want my hair back!


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    It could definitely be hormones, since your daughter is two. Mine changed significantly after pregnancy.
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    Me too! My hair was super straight when I was pregnant. Now that my daughter is 2yo, it's still not as curly as I remember. I am recently converted to curly hair from blow drying and flat ironing, but my hair isn't damaged so I think this maybe hormone related.
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    Was your hair always that long when it was super curly? Just curious if damage and weight of the hair could be a factor too.
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    While I don't have kids, I've heard that your hair can weigh itself down just like permed ends can weigh down curly hair. The weight of your hair can stretch your curls.
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    Couldn't agree more about longer hair weighing down curls. When my hair was TBL and had no layers, it was mostly just wavy, with hints of corkscrew curls. (And wow was it heavy LOL)

    You might try cutting some layers. My crown and nape layers are just a few inches long to allow for the tight curl pattern I prefer ;) Layers are THE only way for me to retain the 3b and 3c curls ;)

    At the same time, layers are a commitment and they aren't (as you know) a traditional Orthodox look. ... So maybe just start by shortening your hair in general by a few inches? That should allow the curls to perk up at least a little and would give you more volume too to compensate for the thinning.
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    I had a lot of hair texture changes during and after pregnancy. Going from really curly to barely wavy during my first pregnancy but nice and thick and full. My second it seemed to get a little curlier but thinner and frizzier. I only have 2 kids and due to all the texture issues after the second I did some Brazilian keratin treatments but the last one was over a year ago and I think I finally cut the last of that off.
    My youngest is 4 and my hair seems to be finally reverting to what it was before the pregnancies if that helps. But also as you age and hormones fluctuate it can change as well.