Changing my pill for my hair?

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I used to have really lovely 3A hair, though I admit I hated it at the time (bullying problems, ugh -.-) as you can probably tell from my avatar/picture ma-bob, and my name here. I started taking microgynon 30 in october '11, when I was 16, and I took it for about six months, but it that time my curls just dropped and my hair started to fall out... I changed to yasmin, and my hair has grown back thick, but I'm left with these loose waves which don't even really warrant being called waves, they're somewhere between 1 and 2A, though closer to 2A. I've read that using the 'mini-pill' rather than the combination pill can help bring the curls back. I like in the UK, so my options for that pill are :Micronor, Noriday, Femulen, Norgeston and Cerazette. I've read up all the risks and that, I just wanted some advice from people who've used them. So, if you have, what ones worked best, what side effects did you have, and did it bring your curls back if you were changing from another?


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