Hexagonal cut for 3a hair is possible?

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Hi curlies!
It is possible according to you to have a sort of an hexagonal cut with hair that is not super curly or kinky?

I have hair that, when longer than shoulder lenght, they are 2c, when cutter above my shoulder, they are 3a/b.
Now my hair is a little under BSL, with my shortest layer under my shoulder (and some bad chopped bangs :confused2: )

I LOVE the hexagonal type of cut, like:


a cut with the widest point at cheek level, or a little under, but always something BIG and edgy.

Something like so but I would like it to be more edgy:

Is it possible to have an edgy cut with a loose curl type?
What should I ask my stylist? I live in Europe, and there are not deva stylist here, so what should I ask for this kind of cut (if it is possible)

Are there curlies with my curl type and this type of cut?

2c/3a F ii
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