Top layer is straighter? HELP PLEASE

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Hey guys, I'm new here to Naturally Curly and I wasn't quite sure which thread to put this in, but...
When I was about 13 I decided I wanted straight hair. I've had curly hair all my life, but I was sick of taking care of it and I wanted straight hair like everyone else. My hairdresser put perm in my hair and pulled it straight, and I did this for years up until the middle of my 15 year old years. I straightened it all the time, but then I decided I wanted to return back to my natural hair because 1) its easier to manage than trying to attack it with heating tools for me, and 2) because I love my curly hair :)
Anyway, so its been about a year and a half, maybe two years since I've used a straightener on my hair or gotten it chemically straightened. I've currently been trying to grow it longer (Its just below my collar bones now). My hair has tons of new growth and is extremely curly in parts of my hair. However, lately I've noticed that on the top layer of my hair in the back that its a little straighter and frizzy than the rest of my hair. I know that its damaged but is there any way to fix it? Whether I trim it or thin it out? Please help! Thank you!

PS. Sorry for the extremely long post but i figured the more info the better. I am also a 3a curl.

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