Help! What type?


  • alex45alex45 Registered Users Posts: 9
    it looks like you have 3c hair to me, but if you're looking for product/routine recommendations it's more important to know your hair porosity and width than curl pattern
  • eveechazareeeveechazaree Registered Users Posts: 39
    It looks like you have multiple curl patterns, so saying you're just 3c isn't necessarily true, you look to have 3b, 3c, and a tad bit of 4a. Which regardless curly hair needs moisture and TLC!! You have beautiful curls BTW!
  • kcurleegurlkcurleegurl Registered Users Posts: 13
    Thanks 😃
  • davidkaltsasdavidkaltsas Registered Users Posts: 119
    i think that you are 3b and a bit 3c :)
    Curl Pattern: 3a mixed with 3b
    Density:Medium to High

    CG Method since 25/6/13

    Want to reach terminal length !

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