How long do you diffuse?

Just long do you diffuse for (without plopping) and how dry does this get your hair? I'm starting washing it in the morning again so i need a rough idea of how long i should dry for so it's damp and i dont go out the house with hair flattened to my skull...
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    I do plop, but only for as long as it takes me to get out of the shower and apply moisturizer so it can sink in while I dry my hair, it then takes me 25 minutes on high heat low speed to get my hair totally dry, I finish on cool heat, then clip my roots while I do my make up, then I apply my finishing products on my hair.

    My hair is medium porosity and thickness, but I do live in a humid area which slows down drying (and is the reason I need to use high heat).

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    Mmmm. Probably a good 20 to 25 min. and then I air dry another hour at least before scrunching.
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    I think it depends on your porosity, length, and density. I plop for 10, diffuse for 10, but I have high porosity and a bob....
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    I have coarse, dense, highly porous bra strap length hair. I apply my products then I scrunch squeeze out excess moisture with a t-shirt of MF towel. Then I diffuse for seven to ten minutes. Not all the way dry. I don't have the patience. And I find stopping earlier is better for my hair overall. Less frizz. :headbang:

    Oh and maybe 70-80% dry. :) Also depends on which products I'm using. Certain ones dry faster.
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    dusalocks wrote: »
    I have coarse, dense, highly porous bra strap length hair. I apply my products then I scrunch squeeze out excess moisture with a t-shirt of MF towel. Then I diffuse for seven to ten minutes. Not all the way dry. I don't have the patience. And I find stopping earlier is better for my hair overall. Less frizz. :headbang:

    Oh and maybe 70-80% dry. :) Also depends on which products I'm using. Certain ones dry faster.

    It's amazing how properties can change things. My hair is five million times shorter than your and diffusing for 10 minutes would do absolutely nothing.
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    I diffuse for 5 minutes or so - just long enough to develop some root curl and dry the undersurface a bit. It generally will take an hour or so after that to air dry. I have found that since I started highlighting my hair a year ago (3 - 4 time/yr) that my hair dries faster. It's obviously not as low porosity as it was before I started highlights. On the other hand, the grays blend better!
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    I have medium-fine, normal porosity, medium density hair and I diffuse for about 10 minutes. I do plop prior for 20-30 minutes. After diffusing, my hair is about 70-80% dry. After diffusing, it takes about an hour to completely dry.
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    I am medium across the board. BSL I plop for about 10-15 minutes (long enough to get dressed say bye to my DH and do my makeup. I then diffuse about 10 minutes. Gets me maybe 50% dry but I won't be completely dry for a few hours. Any more diffusing and I start to frizz like crazy!
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    I'm somewhere between shoulderlength and BSL.
    I have medium-high density, don't know my other properties yet.

    I plop for about 10-15 minutes (the time to apply body lotion, get dressed and apply make-up), I then for about 10 minutes (more will give me a lot of frizzies) and my hair then needs to airdry for around 3 more hours.
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    I plop using a Curlease towel. I leave it on while I put my makeup on. After plopping I scrunch in a serum type product (either CIAB or Gel-les'c), and diffuse my hair. The length of time I diffuse is very dependent on the products I've used that day. Depending on the combo, my hair takes longer to dry. I never diffuse more that 10 mins. It is normally around 6-7mins.

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    If I diffuse I do so for roughly ten minutes, but my hair is not fully dry then it's at least another hour of air drying afterwards. If I am in a hurry I don't plop but scrunch the excess water out with a towel.

    If you clip the roots with tiny claw clips you can leave the house like that and stay clipped until you reach your school or place of work.
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