Will a pixie cut work?

guinerevereguinerevere Posts: 3Registered Users
I have very thick 2c hair - if you can't tell from my avatar, here's a larger version of it -
That's an old photo - at the moment it's longer (just down to my shoulders) so looks a little less thick, but anyway. I would love any kind of short/pixie cut haircut; do you think it would work?
thick, dark brown 2c hair
currently growing out a pixie cut

instagram: @mintieleaves


  • eveechazareeeveechazaree Posts: 39Registered Users
    Yes, depending on your product regimen!
  • MaureenFMethenyMaureenFMetheny Posts: 13Registered Users
    guinerevere: you have lovely hair. Mine is much curlier. About a month ago, I got the haircut from hell, so had to have most of it chopped off into a pixie. Well, if you have really curly hair, you know what a nightmare this is. I look like little orphan annie. Don't have a clue what to do with it. Have any of you tried wearing a ski hat when the hair is wet to sort of flatten the curls? any advice? thanks so much!
  • eveechazareeeveechazaree Posts: 39Registered Users
    Try a twist out it will elongate the curls, and tie a scarf so the twist stay down(not sticking up all crazy!) And wear it overnight or until its dry!
  • jelaminejelamine Posts: 2Registered Users
    I've been wanting to have a pixie cut for months now, but still haven't had the courage to do so. My hair is thin, fine and curly. The worst kind of hair on earth, I'm wondering if it would work on my hair type (even though I dont really know what it is). Here's a picture to help ! I appreciate your advice !
  • GoldWavesGoldWaves Posts: 50Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    In my opinion and experience, pixie cuts don't work with curly hair, you'll end up with a small afro.
    If you want to go short though, you can always get a bob shape or long layers. I had long layers which thinned my hair and made it less frizzy, also a bit shorter is easier to manage.

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