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I am searching for a new city. Of course, I am doing research, but I thought I would ask the curlies for any ideas.

I would like somewhere with mild to moderate winters, warm enough summers and long enough summers to grow a good sized garden, and to have fruit trees. Would be great to have at least 2 to 3 acres with a small house. I wouldn't mind commuting to a larger city for supplies, etc. Any ideas?
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    Central VA sounds like it could have just what you are looking for.

    Will you have to work? Do you need high speed internet at home? Are you looking just in the US?

    I am sure there are quite a few places all over that could meet meet your needs.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for answering!

    Right now, just looking in the U.S. I will have to work.
    Regular internet speed is just fine for me. Honestly, I want to live as if I am retired, but I have many years before retirement...back to researching.
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    I have the perfect house for you....;)

    If you want to share, it might be helpful to know what kind of work you would be looking for.

    If you do start leaning toward VA, let us know. There are a few of us who could probably help. Although depending on what you meant by "warm enough summers" could easily put VA out of the running.
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    Portland area is pretty great. It rains a bit, but nothing too bad. Winters are definitely mild, and spring/summer is great here. Lots grows here too, and I know there are plenty of farms around so there are options for that too.
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    Where are you now ? What are your "must haves"?
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    I would recommend a south eastern state. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia have pretty mild winters and pretty long summers. What other things are you looking for?

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    Somewhere outside of Atlanta might be good for you. I think Mcdonough and areas around there are affordable for lots of land. The city would be about an hour away.

    I agree that southeastern state would be good for weather.