Brazilian Blowout Root Touch Up?

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Hello wise curlies!

I have 3c coarse, thick hair and LOTS of it. I had the worst time managing my natural texture, so 3 years ago I caved and started getting Brazilian Blowouts every 3-5 months. It has helped tremendously. I don't often blow it out as I love the look of the softer curls it gives me. Right now, my hair is about 1 inch past my shoulders. I have about 2.5 inches of new growth at the roots. The new growth is 3c, coarse, and frizzy. The rest of my hair, which has been through several rounds of BB, is more like a 2c/3a. I really want to get another treatment to take care of the kinky frizziness at the roots, but I like the current texture of the bottom and would like to keep that the way it is. I also don't really feel like forking over another $300...

I asked the stylist that currently does my BBs if there is way to do just the roots, but she says no. Has anyone out there ever done a BB root touch up? I contemplated buying an at-home keratin treatment to try it myself just on the roots--is that a terrible idea? Right now I am managing the roots by using my flat iron to blend them in with the texture of the rest of my hair, but I'm worried about all of that heat damage and it's a bit time consuming given how much hair I have. If I do buy an at-home version to experiment, what brands would folks suggest?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies!


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    Buying a keratin treatment to do it yourself is the best option, my humble opinion..:thumbup:

    It is not difficult at all, the process is just like straightening your hair. Practice makes perferct...Just make sure you have a good quality iron that can reach high temperature (230 C)
    Check for Inoar Moroccan/Ghair, Kerapremium Blue label, unnique KBS or advance, coco-choco... Those are, at least, easy to find and have an affordable price.

    There are also several keratin treatments that contain no formaldehyde but their results are less than midiocre when it comes to loosening the curl pattern...
  • shelly807shelly807 Registered Users Posts: 10
    Thanks so much--this is very helpful! Are there any other posts or articles you would recommend for someone doing an at-home Keratin for the first time?

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