Siri hates me but I don't like her either

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She takes too long to respond to me. She misunderstands me more often than not. This morning I was so frustrated with her I asked her, "Siri, why do you suck?" This was her response.

No surprise there. :roll eyes:


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    I have learned with Siri, you have to speak slowly initially. As it learns your speech pattern, it will get better. By the way, this post was done by Siri.

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    I've called her many profane names and she tells me I'm being rude. One of my friends LOVES her, and says she responds better to male voices than female voices. Which actually makes me madder, that Siri is sexist.
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    I'm not a fan of Siri, either. Maybe I don't use her enough and then when I do seek out her help, she's got an attitude from being ignored for so long. :goofy:
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    Perhaps she feels oppressively over-moderated.
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    This has to be one of my most favorite thread titles :lol:
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    Perhaps she feels oppressively over-moderated.

    You and your zingers. :lol: This would actually be a really good one if I were a indeed a moderator.
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    I overheard one of my son's friends asking Siri to perform a sex act on him. She said "i'd blush if i could". I never let this friend live it down. They are 15
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    I don't have an iPhone but I do have the equivalent to Siri on Android, which is Skyvi. I gave up on her ages ago as most of the time, she misheard what I'd say.
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    Siri is snarky at times and a bit "smart mouthed" I find it amusing. As far as it actually being useful, I give it a 4/10
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    medussa wrote: »
    Perhaps she feels oppressively over-moderated.

    You and your zingers. :lol: This would actually be a really good one if I were a indeed a moderator.

    You're not? :headscratch: Have you ever been a mod?
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    I can't stand Siri either. Sometimes she spits out what I say with perfection in a few seconds, and sometimes she takes 45 seconds to decide she didn't understand me and give up. Sometimes she thinks I said something that is so far from what I actually said and hilariously random that I have to ask "where the hell did she come up with that??"
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