Help!!! Can't keep moisture twa

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Help ladies!!! I'm a new natural and am dying for advice!! I don't know my hair type, but I feel as though I have 2 or 3... Some products will help with one texture of my hair but not others... Also it's very hard to keep my hair moisturized. As far as products I only use Aussie moist for cowashing which I like, and Shea Butter leave in conditioning repair cream (which I like also for overnight conditioning) but after a while my hair is dry and ashy looking again... I also use EVOO w/ water in a spray bottle to moisturizer my hair throughout the day but the kinkier parts just don't absorb it... Pls help ladies
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    Have you tried sealing with an oil like EVOO, grapeseed or coconut right as you're styling? I use EVOO to seal my hair (cowash, conditioner, oil and then gel). Some seal after all the products are in their hair. I tried that but it makes my hair feel mushy.

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