Curls changing after pregnancy??

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I am new to the site.

I had a baby girl in July of 2011. I have always been a curly girl. I have fine, thicker curly hair (lots of it). I used to be a 3B. Now, I am a 3A, at best.

After the birth of my first, my curls loosened up. I found that styling became an awful experience. I used to be able to put in some gel of mousse, and scrunch and go. Now, I have to use more product, and scrunch a lot to make sure my curls are intact. Or, I use a diffuser. My curls sometimes fall flat.

I haven't had my hair trimmed or cut in a year and a half. :( I know that's bad. I have been growing my hair out, but haven't made time for myself, with a lot of different things.
I know once I get it trimmed, and all the dead ends cut, it will lay better with layers, and be healthier.

Have any other moms experienced this? Did your curls go back to normal?
Did multiple pregnancies make it better/worse? Would a perm help?

I am pregnant with my second child (boy), and I am hoping the hormones will take it back to the tighter curls.

It is frustrating. I just don't want to lose more curl after this one is born!

Please help! Are there any products, shampoos, or anything else that I can do?

Thanks in advance!

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