Jaden Smith Emacipation

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Jaden Smith wants to be emancipated from parents for 15th birthday: report - NY Daily News

Ok When people would say Will and Jada were "off" I thought they were haters but now I know they have lost their doggone minds. I know people who were emancipated because their parents were addicts or didn't support their kids. This is an insult. I only hope the judge has sense. I actually think their lack of parenting is abusive.

Other thoughts.?:cwm21:
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    I saw that earlier. It is for the serious of cases, not for some frivolous whim of a spoiled brat. Ridiculous!

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    While you don't want to come off as controlling or domineering, being overly lax can cause problems down the road also.

    While he has deminstrated a strong business acumen (and doesn't seem to be one of those frivolous spenders), he is a bit young to be withour financial and emotional support from his parents, especially in a situation where there does not seem to have been any abuse to warrant something this drastic as moving out at 15... But, you never know what goes on behind closed doors. i only hope he is "okay".
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    Of course a 14yo wants to be on his own. But a 40-something parent being OK with it is what really wigs me out. And will he really be on his own anyway? Doubt it...
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    He needs to go sit down somewhere with that.

    The faces in the artice only make me more annoyed with this story
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    They were recently on Ellen and said that this is not true. Supposedly, it was a fake interview.

    Jaden Smith, Emancipated? Actor Talks Rumors With Will Smith On 'Ellen' (WATCH)
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    Po wrote: »
    They were recently on Ellen and said that this is not true. Supposedly, it was a fake interview.

    Jaden Smith, Emancipated? Actor Talks Rumors With Will Smith On 'Ellen' (WATCH)

    Glad it's not happening but I'm skeptical the interview was fake. Misquoting or taking something out of context is one thing but totally making up an interview that didn't happen would have the Smiths p.o'ed and ready to sue. I know tabloids write garbage but they aren't dumb enough to quote you if they never talked to you because that would be a slam dunk libel case.The possible exception is if they could sell enough papers to offset the expense of a libel suit. they would say according to sources or some crap. i think he said it then saw the backlash and started back peddling. Jada did some of that after saying some stuff about her marriage recently.
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