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Since going CG I use more hair care products now than I ever have in my life (and im only using 3) I'm a simple woman, so when I travel, I usually travel very light. I've never in my life packed more than one standard sized suitcase for a trip —*even when going on a 7 day trip to Mexico back in '09 and when traveling across the US for a wedding this past fall. I just never do it, and so I have never had to check bags.

Well, this fall I will be taking another vacation and now that I am using 10 times the amount of conditioner I used to and also now have my Curl Keeper and Gel —*I'm starting to wonder...

How do you all handle air travel? Do you just bring your big bottles and check your bags? Do you bring multiple 4oz travel sizes for extended stays? Any suggestions, advice and personal experience you can share would be helpful as I anxiously await vaca time! :)

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    I travel internationally a lot, I always check a bag and tend to keep carry on to what I can fit under the seat in front of me. The 15 minutes I spend checking and collecting a bag is worth not lugging everything round multiple airports. When you add bringing all my cosmetics, my own hair dryer (with diffuser) and extra shoes, it's just a more pleasant travel experience.

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    i usually just shop when i get into another town and then just have my family send me my products back. good thing i use all the stuff you can find a food store. though a long time ago it was hard finding my good oil leave in in this town in NY
    I usually just pick a cowash and just use it for the 4 days im away