Time to go!!

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Its been a wonderful, 2.5 carefree months with my Senegalese Twist, but its time to go! I absolutely loved the 16" twist; the convenience, the style, the time I saved NOT DOING HAIR!!

I hadn't had a run with synthetic braid, let alone long hair in a while. Styling was usually in a bun while working or a loose, flowing style for casual outings. I washed a total of 4x in a 10 wk period and moisturized as needed.

As protective as I thought I had been my hair has suffered damage. My edges have noticeable length/density reduction as well a tension breakage. As I have a long reparation ahead, what would someone in my position consider? Has anyone removed braids recently, what did you do to retain length and moisture the weeks ahead? DC Treatment, style, routine,etc.

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    Bump! Help me if you can

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    So I've decided to take my twist out Saturday morning and allow it to sit in a pre-poo (any ideas) and allow it to sit for some hours before detangling.I've decided to using a clarifying shampoo with an EDTA agent and DC treatment, which I will also allow to absorb. Does anyone have an opinion?

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    Soak the hair in oil before removing the braids. Oil your scalp as well so that the extension, and shed hairs can glide out easier.

    Also after you get your hair and scalp really clean a nice protein treatment will help out.
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    Thanks Seamonster your a doll! I have my BFF out shopping for coconut oil as we speak.. Lol. Did you have a opinion about the clarifying poo vs chelating poo?

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    I get braids every so often and keep them in for three months at a time. I took my latest set down three days ago. I have never had an issue with my edges (but I rarely pull them taut).

    I suggest a few things in the future:

    • Never make a tight bun or pony. Put it up and gently loosen the edges. It may mean you have to re-fasten throughout the day but it is better than perma-damage.
    • Before washing with braid/twist pre-poo.
    • When removing, use plenty of oil (coconut or argan work great) to lubricate the braids and your fingers.
    • Work slowly. After removing the fake hair, detangle. Each single braid should be detangled and rid of dead hair. This is SOOO important and will save you from any further damage.
    • After a few braids have been removed re-braid into larger sections for washing.
    • Once all braids are out, apply more oil to each braided section. Put a shower ca on and rock it for at least 8 hours.
    • Wash the hair in the braids with a cleansing shampoo. Get your scalp super clean.
    • Mix your fave DC with an egg for a while under a cap.
    • Rinse it all out (keeping it in the larger braided sections and rinsing one section at a time.
    • add leave-in and slowly comb through. Even if you usually finger detangle, I find that after braids I need a really thorough detangle and my fingers aren't enough.
    • Then seal and let it dry in the braids.
    It takes forever but is effective. I lost a lot of hair in high school after braids and since I have been super cautious when removing them. My hair is currently healthy and happy after 3 months of uninterrupted growth! Good luck!

    note: I have been transitioning for 8 months and have around 9 inches of relaxed hair on the ends so I am a tangly mess if I don't watch out and the edges are always at risk!
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    O my gee! Thanks..we are on the sane page. I am still in my transitioning stage and am still learning. This was my first set of braids on like 3 years.I keep it in as long as I could, I missed my hair « (

    SO NOW ..I have every braid out. It wasn't as rough as I expected. I think all the oil previously used helped a lot. Next step is to add the pre-poo. It will be in while I get in this work out and clean house! ")

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    This is all that is left..memories!

    And of course...the conclusion is! Training your hair to be healthy is a trial and error thing. I am still trying new products and methods of care. I have no routine or regimen " / but I'm willing to listen to the advice and error of other 4C hair journey. Thank you ladies for responding to my post! I hope this information helps someone else.
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