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Is Anyone Here NOT CG-Method?

I'm just curious because every one here seems to be CG... And after 3-4 months, CG has not been working on my hair.

So, I just have some questions for the few not CG-ers on here. :lurk:

- what are your hair's properties?
- what are your favorite products?
- what is your routine?


  • BeautyisMireeBeautyisMiree Posts: 202Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'm just curious because every one here seems to be CG... And after 3-4 months, CG has not been working on my hair.

    So, I just have some questions for the few not CG-ers on here. :lurk:

    - what are your hair's properties?
    - what are your favorite products?
    - what is your routine?

    My hair is type 4 and I really don't have any favorite products.

    My routine is to twist up my hair for two weeks and co wash them every week.
  • IamDonnaIamDonna Posts: 546Registered Users
    I'm not.............

    I use what works for my hair.

    Wash with sulfate shampoo 1x a week
    Non sulfate 1x a week
    Condish was other days
    Use cones from time to time

    Use lots tips I got from this site.
    :love1:3a Long (waist) thick med course dry thirsty
    Poo: Eulence moisture
    Co-wash: GVP CB
    Condish: GVP CB
    LI: KBB nectar
    Styler: CK CIAB
    Gel: BRHG
    DT: Curl Junkie
    Diffuse 70% dry
    Location: Pompano Bch Florida
    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fpublic.fotki.com%2FIamDonna%2F" class="Popup

    /home/leaving?target=http%3A%2F%2Fhotimg23.fotki.com%2Fp%2Fa%2F70_149%2F75_144%2FDSCN0395-vi573.jpg" class="Popup
  • MarciMarci Posts: 225Registered Users
    I'm not CG anymore, I was full CG for about a year. I use a sulfate shampoo 1-2 times a week, low 'poo in between and use one 'cone. I seal with mineral oil. Hair properties and routine are in my signature. It's all about what works on your hair, not about labels so don't worry if strict CG doesn't work. That's fine.
    2C-3A MBL layered
    Medium/fine texture, high density, normal porosity and elasticity. Dry climate.

    Cleanse: SM MR, YTC
    Hydrate: Joico Kpak,DevaCurl OC
    Style: AG reCoil, LALSG

  • RizosMioRizosMio Posts: 141Registered Users
    I'm not particularly CG. Not because it doesn't work in my hair or anything, it's just so gimmicky to me. The science doesn't add up to all sulfate formulations being bad for all hair, science doesn't agree with synthetic oils being damaging in general either.

    My hair properties and products are in my siggy, they're all up to date.
    My routine is cleansing with my shampoo (Yes to Carrots diluted with water) or rhassoul clay + water. Then DCing with rhassoul clay + water or my Jane Carter condish. Moisturizing with the condish (my leave-in) and sealing with my non-waterbased Komaza cream.

    I'm transitioning (13 months) so I braid the hair up and loosen the braids the following day and repeat in 7 days. I don't cowash. I only use rhassoul clay and the 3 products in my sig.
  • seamonsterseamonster Posts: 81Registered Users
    Another CG rebel here. I like to seal my hair with vaseline a few times per year. I grease my scalp with sulfur 8, and use dandruff shampoos to exfoliate my scalp.

    Since I am a product junkie I use a variety of products. I wash with dandruff shampoo, follow with an ACV or tea rinse. Oil my hair and scalp, detangle with a light lotion leave in, butter my ends, and style (stylers vary based upon style).
  • KochanieKochanie Posts: 4Registered Users
    I'm not, but I have 2a hair that I straighten quite a bit (I'm mainly here for my curly daughter lol). I do use a sulfate shampoo but I avoid cones in everything but my serum. My favorite products are Leonor Greyl shampoo creme moelle de bamboo, the orchid mask, and the huile de palme, and kerastase elixir ultime. I also like LG's volumizing honey shampoo and plain old olive, coconut, and sweet almond oils as pre-treatments.
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    I'll cowash for a week or two, but I lather up most times. I do use sulfate free shampoo. :)
  • ChocolateSwirlsChocolateSwirls Posts: 63Registered Users
    I am definitely thinking CG is not for me. Today, I did my weekly deep treatment with SM conditioner and EVOO, rinsed that out and used Aussie Moist as a leave-in with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam. WOW. My hair has never looked better! I think 'cones are my hair's thing! :love6:
  • CubanwavyCubanwavy Posts: 293Registered Users
    CG didn't work for me. I have 2c wavy hair with occ. ringlets, very thick, low frizz. My waves are enhanced when I use a sulfate shampoo, though the one I am using now is very low lather (fruitamins from Dollar Tree) and use Pantene Curly conditioner as RO. Been using GFS&S leave in conditioner and getting great waves with frequent spirals. Seems less is more. I have a cabinet full of gels and mousses and conditioners that were used for co-poo. Just doesn't work for me, in fact, made me think I needed more and more stuff, when I really didn't. Rarely diffuse at all and don't use blow dryer, prefer air dry.

    Here's a recent pic. Forgot to say: cones are making a good difference!
  • RobotQT1RobotQT1 Posts: 56Registered Users
    I'm not CG. I couldn't afford the experimentation that it involved because it always seemed like CG friendly products were either out of my price range or just too hard to find. Plus, it felt like my hair was always dry and I hated that. I went back to being non CG after about two or three months and now just use what works.

    Since going CG, though, I have become a bit more aware of what I put on my hair. I make sure to use silicone-free conditioners for my RO and DC treatments so as to avoid too much build-up. I also wash my hair as needed with both a sulfate shampoo and a sulfate-free shampoo because sometimes a co-wash just won't cut it. If I've already used my sulfate shampoo and I have to wash my hair again that same week, I'll use my low-poo so it's not as harsh on my hair.
    3C, almost shoulder length (when stretched). Low Porosity, Protein Sensitive.
    Low Poo: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
    Shampoo: Proclaim Olive Glossing Shampoo
    RO: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Co-Wash
    LI: Proclaim Olive Glossing Condish
    Oils: JBCO, EVOO, Grapeseed Oil
    Styling: Fantasia IC Hair Polisher
    DC: Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm


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