Love/hate with SM smoothie

SM curl enhancing smoothie has given me (by far) the BEST curls. No other product comes close. It curls up to my roots and I'm left with these soft, well-defined barrel roll curls. However, it also gives me surface frizz like no other product. What gives? I NEED the definition it gives me! They're my dream curls. Is there any way I can make this work? My hair is fine, dense, normal porosity and normal elasticity. This is my current routine:

Cleanse: LUSH Curly Wurly or Giovanni TTT
RO: Tresemme Naturals
LI: water/Suave coconut/lavender EO mixture (spritz it in my hair and comb)

I then take a small (like pea sized) amount of the SM smoothie, rub it in my hands, flip my head upside down and rake it through my hair. I start at the bottom and the under layers so as not to weigh down my roots or the surface. After that, I run about a quarter sized amount of Zotos Pure Elements medium hold gel through my hair and then scrunch with a t-shirt.

My hair has a tendency to frizz, anyway. I've never been completely free of it, but I KNOW that the smoothie is making it worse (I've done a lot of experimenting). Seriously, though..the curls it gives me are divine! How do I harness that magical curling property without the gross frizz?
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    Sorry for another post about this product, btw. I know there are tons but I searched quite a bit and couldn't find anything referencing my particular issue. I'm hoping that there are similar products that are lacking whatever ingredient is causing the frizz but contain the ingredients that give me such nice curls or that there are other products I can use with the SM smoothie to balance out the frizz.
    Fine - dense - normal porosity - normal elasticity - BSL - dye free - 2cish

    Loving AIA coconut cowash, goats milk soap bars, GVP conditioning balm, KCKT, Marie Dean styling creams, LALSG, coconut oil, SM milk

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    The Lush shampoo may be giving you the frizz. As amazing as the stuff is, its still got SLS in it. I use the CES too and I get the same barrel curls that almost look like I used a curling iron on them. Also, check out Shea Moisture's curling souffle gel. It's an all natural flax gel that if you use just a touch while your hair is still sopping wet, it eliminates a lot of frizz.

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    I haven't tried many products, so I can't say which do and don't work for frizz... but I am finding already that most of my frizz is caused by technique. The more I touch my hair the worse it is. Perhaps you can continue to use that product, but just change up how you apply it to your hair and get better results?
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    I was watching a YT video by Sunkissedalba and she layered her products on wet hair (after a cold rinse) using SM Yucca Growth Milk, SM C&H smoothie, then cold aloe Vera juice. I tried it and This really works! :-) No frizz. For my hair the key was using cold water and using the smoothie on top of the growth milk. Using the smoothie by itself did nothing for my curls.

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