What should I do????

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So, I'm a total newbie here and I'm in desperate need of hair advice!
So, I have hair that's in between 3b and 3c and almost 3 years ago I bleached my hair platinum blonde and then dyed it purple the same day and then dyed it back to black less then 3 days later. And then, stupid me, bleached the underside of my hair blonde again to make it blue and eventually dyed it back to black again because the color didn't come out the way I wanted. After that, I was consistently dying my hair black about every month because my hair looked healthier when I did. It didn't really feel healthy like it used to, but it just looked nicer.
Needless to say, my hair hasn't been the same since before I bleached it. I've never really had kinky hair before and the underside where I bleached my hair for a second time is really kinky now. Also, my hair used to come out with waves that would end in corkscrews when I would come out of the shower. Now my hair comes, mostly flat out of the shower, but fluffs once dry.
Before I bleached my hair, my hair was about an inch past my shoulders. Since I bleached my hair, it has broken so much, it is now barely at my shoulders. About two months ago, I noticed that my ends are just flaking off. I've been really freaking out about it and was wondering if I should just chop all my hair off and start from scratch. When I voiced the idea to my younger sister she told me not to and I'd regret it, and honestly, she's right. I will totally regret it and feel horrible if I do. But at this point I'm not sure if that's just the right decision at this point. My hair's just so damaged and uneven it's just sad!!!!
What should I do????? Is there a *somewhat* happy compromise????????


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    Hmm, sounds like you have quite a bit of damage. The "Big Chop" would be best for your hair, take it back to healthy then love it back to the length you want. That said I understand how scary the Big Chop is, so you other option is to grow out your damage. Cut it back to a length you can fell comfortable with (for example just under you ear). Then you maintain that length with with religious visits to the hair dresser. This way you cut out the dead growth until the whole length of your tresses are healthy and you don't have anymore dry ends.

    My warning is that cutting your hair this way will take longer over all to fix your hair. Split end are like wood rot, they split and damage your hair from the ends up. This also means you are going to have to be very proactive in protecting you ends (using sealers, DC, and wearing protective styles).

    I know all this because I've also had damaged hair :queen:. I did the big chop and while it's taken me time to get it back, its been well worth it!

    Good luck!!
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    I agree that to need to get rid of the split ends, but by now I would expect that most of the hair you bleached (which would cause the most damage) should have grown out. So you may want to try doing a lot of moisture treatments and removing chemicals from your routine, and seeing if you can recover your hair somewhat to give you time to really grow out the damage without cutting it all off.

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