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I'm wondering if you fellow curlies have found products that are similar to but better than the following products, all of which I like but are imperfect in some way:

DevaCurl No Poo: I really like the way this cleansing cream conditions my hair and doesn't leave it dry, but I don't think it properly cleanses because my scalp is always itchy and flakey! Regular shampoos, of course, don't work, and every shampoo I've tried that claims no sulfates leaves my hair feeling like straw. I've also had no luck with the other cleansing creams I've tried, L'Oreal EverCurl Cleansing Conditioner and Miss Jessie's Creme de la Curl, which also left my hair extremely dried out.

Kinky Curly Knot Today: I don't have too many complaints for this one; It detangles my hair and leaves it silky smooth (at least while wet)! But it is very expensive and I go through about one bottle every 2-3 weeks, so if you guys know of anything similar but less expensive I'm all ears.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard: This one is very inconsistent. Sometimes it gives me shiny, smooth hair and other times I have a frizzier than normal mess. One thing it consistently does, however, is leave my hair feeling a bit coated which forces me to wash it sooner than I would like to. Any ideas?

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    I use the DevaCare LOW poo and love it! It cleans well, but leaves my hair feeling conditioned. Can't say enough good things about it!

    I also use KCKT, and think it's great. I obviously don't use nearly as much as you do,as I've had the same bottle for 2 months now and it's not half empty yet! I have been using the SM yucca milk recently as well, as a leave In and think it is pretty good. Are you using the KCKT as strictly a LI,or are you using it as your main condish? Because it is so $, maybe use a less expensive condish and mix it with the KC. Really, any condish can be used as a LI if you just use less.

    As for the KCCC replacement, I suggest you try FSG OR OKRA GEL. I was never able to get consistent results with KCCC....but the okra gel I'm using right now is my HG, never fail product. Another product line that is HG status is SpiralSolutions- a combo of the jelly and firm hold gel. Wow.

    I don't know your hair properties, so these recs apply to my hair only! Your experience may be completely different!
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    I have never tried the Deva line. But if you are looking for a conditioner wash I highly suggest SheaMoisture C&H co-wash. It cleanses without stripping the hair.

    I also use the KCKT. The best substitute is the Giovanni Direct Leave-In. It does have protein.

    I also use the Kinky Curling Custard. You are right, OP. For me it either makes my hair hard or sticky but I found out its not the product, just user error. So I just had to practice more with it cause a little goes a long way. A good substitute that I use is homemade golden flaxseed gel. I use heyfranhey YT tutorial. Comes out perfect every time :-)

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    For the KCCC- I like SM- Souffle, They are both jelly-like and it's FSG. Also, a brand called Curlz (sold at Target), has a jelly-like gel- I believe it's only $9.99.
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