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What is the one thing that people say about your hair that drives you crazy?

Whenever I grow my hair out people always ask if it's a perm.. Drives me crazy..


  • chupiechupie Posts: 5,275Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I can only wish. Just remember people ask that hoping there is a way for them to get hair that looks like yours!
  • StephaniieStephaniie Posts: 46Registered Users
    "Why don't you straighten your hair?"

    "You would look so nice with straight hair!"

    I don't like when people said things like that. :confused3:

    Mix of 3C & 3B
    Medium porosity
    Low density
    Medium width

    Excuse my bad english :oops:

  • NoumenonNoumenon Posts: 86Registered Users
    "Can I touch it?"

    NO! Total strangers ask me this, WTF?!?!
    Modified CG since 8/12
    Hair: BSL, Thick, Low Porosity, Dense, 3A
    HG's: Moogoo, Ultraorganics Intense Camomile Conditioner and Clear Henna Hair Wax, Sukin Conditioners, CO, Spray Bottle, Henna
    Low-Poo: Moogoo Shampoo
    Co-Wash: Sukin Nourishing Conditioner
    LI: Sukin Moisture Restoring
    Colour: Henna
  • OhSunshinex3OhSunshinex3 Posts: 74Registered Users
    "What did you do to get your hair like that?"
    "Are you serious? It's natural?"
    "Yup." :)

  • hambo02hambo02 Posts: 480Registered Users
    "is your hair real?"

    "is your hair natural or do you curl it?"

    "how do you get your hair so crispy like that? I wany my hair to be crispy." (talking about when gel makes it hard)
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    Are you planning to loc again? It is a valid question as I was a loc GODDESS!! :p

    But why does that **** matter? I'm loose. I like it.

    Some think I should. (Guys thought it was cool.

    Some think I should keep the curls. (Girls like my hair.. But call it "Good" hair. They mean it as a complement, but I'm like, WHAT?)

    Personally their opinions are invalid.
  • lcl0706lcl0706 Posts: 959Registered Users
    When a straightie says "oh! your curly hair! must be so nice to just roll out of bed and go!"

    "Well... actually, I get out of the shower, flip my head over, drip water all over the f'ing bathroom because if i don't put my products in and finger comb and scrunch at just the precise moment between soaking-wet and damp, I will end up with stringy tupperhair. Then i balance my head on the toilet while i wrap it in a cloth diaper because terry cloth towels pull the hairs up like medusa, and then I stand bent over under a diffuser for 30 minutes and then as soon as I walk outside in the wind or high humidity, I just wasted an hour. So THAT is why my hair is in a high up messy bun 95% of the time. Shove it, straighties. I just don't care to do it lately."
    :wave: fine, thin, normal/(low?) porosity. Mod-CG. Usually I can't co-wash more than 1x a week, & sometimes I have to use T-Gel in rotation due to scalp issues.

    Co-wash: VO5 Volumizing
    Poo: Giovanni 50:50
    RO:TN, Nexxus Youth Renewal, Alba Coconut
    LI: KCKT
    PT: gelatin PT, ION EC
    Stylers: Giovanni mousse, TIGI Curls Rock amplifier (a-cone), Curls Rock Strong Hold Mousse
    Gels: SCC spray gel

  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    lcl0706 wrote: »
    When a straightie says "oh! your curly hair! must be so nice to just roll out of bed and go!"


    Since when do we just roll out of bed and go?!!! O.O

    When I had a TWA I almost could do that.. ALMOST!!!
  • hambo02hambo02 Posts: 480Registered Users
    bahahahha i just ranted about this on tumblr!
  • bobbybobby Posts: 669Registered Users Curl Novice
    That it must suck having curly hair. Well, I actually believed it when I was younger but watching other male friends lose their hair in their early 30s made me appreciate having curly locks.
    2B always with potential of white man's fro


    "Curls aren't just for girls"
  • pinkwolfpinkwolf Posts: 430Registered Users Curl Novice
    "You got that good hair"
    WTF!! This urkes the **** outta me!! I tell them healthy hair is good hair.

    Sent from my N861 using CurlTalk App
    *Natural 3C/TWA* :toothy7:
    Wash: BS/ACV, ABS, KC Come Clean
    Conditioner: Garnier WB Honey Treasures
    , Garnier WB Apple & Green Tea
    Pre-Poo: Oils & Honey Mix
    DC: Garnier WB Honey Treasures Mask, SM 10-N-1

    PT: Super Mayo Deep Conditioning Treatment
    Leave-In: KCKT
    Whipped Shea Butter
    EVCO, Jojoba
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    I know they mean it as a complement, but it still hits the brain wrong. LoL!

    Especially when they add, see you can be natural. You got that good hair. Like everyone with hair not like mine can't and should NOT go natural. Even if that person is THEM.

    It's just sad.

    The whole good hair/bad hair idea needs to just curl up and die somewhere. Then all curlies will be treated as equals. :)
  • LISA LISALISA LISA Posts: 566Registered Users
    "Is that all yours?"
    "You must go through a ton of shampoo."

    Yes and actually I barely touch the stuff. :sleepy3:
    Big Chop from hip - 5/2014
    Enjoying the journey to APL or BSL!
  • pajallypajally Posts: 26Registered Users
    Lol yes the sentiment that I am able to just jump out of the shower/roll out of bed and have presentable hair is most irksome. I mean, this is usually after I tell them that no, I don't use a curling iron to get this... but it's not like I don't do ANY sort of styling.
  • ChocolateSwirlsChocolateSwirls Posts: 63Registered Users
    "You seriously don't use shampoo?"

    Man, that makes me SO mad! :angry6: There's no use explaining it to them...
    They look at me like I'm such a dirty freak, when just a minute ago they were gushing over it. :munky2:
  • awelcomeawelcome Posts: 167Registered Users
    Haven't gotten many comments that have bugged me yet, but one that stands out in my mind is from my jealous sister who has straight hair. She tells me that my hair is only curly because my mom got me a perm when I was a kid..... yeah sure... there's no way I have cut my hair in the last two decades......:roll:
    My Hair:
    Fine, low porosity, med/high density
    BSL - going for mid back to waist

    HG: currently
    just washing with a low poo that contains protein (Alba Naturals Coconut) and using Suave Naturals Coconut as both a RO and LI. No stylers right now, but this gives me pretty good curl, definition, low-ish frizz, and it feels and looks good. Also an occasional PT (liking the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula which has cones) seems to be key for me.

    Modified CG since February 2013

  • fefe912fefe912 Posts: 570Registered Users
    I hate when people go what product do I have to buy to get my hair curly like yours? I'm like....I don't think a product exists like that considering I was born with this, but if you want to know how I define curls I already have then we can talk :)
  • BlackAngelPlayahBlackAngelPlayah Posts: 1,419Registered Users
    ^^ It's always gotta be some miracle product producing those curls!!

    Because nature has no IDEA what it's doing! :o
  • CurlswirlCurlswirl Posts: 526Registered Users
    This has not been said to me in a while but sometimes I read rude, ignorant comments about women with curls on the net and they say that they need to brush their hair! Oh that will do a lot of good!
  • sammydeesammydee Posts: 3Registered Users
    People always want to to touch it! Even if i dint give them permission they still do it!
  • CurlyDude774CurlyDude774 Posts: 8Registered Users
    sammydee wrote: »
    People always want to to touch it! Even if i dint give them permission they still do it!

    As a guy that's not always a bad thing for me.. Girls always want to touch my hair..

    I also went to see my Mom today for Mother's Day.. She asked if my hair was perm today !! :toothy10::toothy10: Well she knows the real answer I got my curly hair from my mom...

    Happy Mother's day to all the Mom's
  • MetallicHarmonyMetallicHarmony Posts: 1Registered Users
    "Do you ever wear it straight?? I bet it would look soooo pretty..."

    Uh...I do occassionally, but why should I? Why do you care?? I prefer MY CURLY hair over YOUR limp, lifeless hair so don't make it sound like I should be doing "normal things to it".:roll:

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