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Hello All,

I've been wanting to lighten my hair for a long time, but I'm terrified of my hair falling out from bleach. So, what I've done is bleached the tips of my hair so I can do whatever color I want. My logic here is that since it's the hair that's not near my scalp, there won't be any problems with me losing hair.

Is this an accurate line of thinking?
I'm growing my hair from chin length to mid-thigh length!


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    Not really because it could break off if not cared for properly.

    I have ombré highlights and bleached was used. A week prior I deep conditioned twice, the day before I loaded my hair with coconut oil and even more on the ends the dye it was to be done. Now I deep condition weekly focusing on my ends and my hair is just fine.
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    Avoid the use of bleach on scalps of the hair. That would work fine and will also maintain the hairs in proper tough condition
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    How much damage you cause is a function of how good/ poor a condition your hair is in to begin with and how many shades you lighten by. Don't use a high volume peroxide, accept you may need to do a couple of sessions a month apart to get where you want to be. If you want to go blonde from black or dark brown there is every chance you will fry your hair, I would definitely see a pro for that. If you just want to go to a warm brown you may be fine with caution.

    I lift my roots a few shades to make a base for an unnatural colour (pink-red) with a gentle blonde box dye whereas most people use the cheaper home mix bleach. But in well over twenty years of home dying I've never fried my hair nor significantly irritated my skin (sensitive/ eczematous) from a single session because the products are weak and they 'deactivate' after a certain time.

    Strand tests, strand tests, strand tests using plughole or combed out hair, remembering that hair close to your head will lift faster than further away due to body heat. You could end up with orange hair if you have a lot of underlying warmth, not a good look. Also if you are DIYing consider your skill in hitting the back parts, it's slow if you are inexperienced which could mean you leave product on too long in some spots.

    Do coconut oil soaks beforehand maybe a hydrolysed protein treatment, you can even bleach right over the top of a heavy coconut oiling. I would not make any special effort with regular deep conditioning, you want ingredients that are going to penetrate and strengthen hair not make it feel moisturised superficially.
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