Trimming Hair?

PeachyGirlPeachyGirl Posts: 6Registered Users
I have curly hair that's down to my shoulders now, It looks really healthy but a closer look shows that I have split ends...
Please help!
I have no idea what to do...
Many sites say its no big deal and I shouldn't go to a salon to get it cut(I've had bad experiences at salons before...)
I have had my hair straightened before and now it seems as if my hair refuses to grow....
My goal ever since I was young was to have super long naturally curly hair..
Also, can someone tell me what type of hair mine is...3b?3c?
I have no idea...
I'd really appreciate any advice and or comments :D


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    I would say your hair is 3b. Just go to a salon and get it trimmed. Either have your hair cut when its straight or have it cut curly and wet. The best thing would be to get a deva cut but I don't know if that's possible for you- they can be expensive. Also, are you cg? It would help if you got layers in it.
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  • PeachyGirlPeachyGirl Posts: 6Registered Users
    Yup, I haven't used shampoo and I co-wash when needed.
    I really don't want layers and I really just want my hair to grow really long and be really healthy...
    I honestly have such bad experience with hair stylists that I dread going into a salon.
    Also, there are no Deva salons in my area
    My grandmother is a hairdresser(has been for 60+ years) and whenever I ask if I should get it trimmed she says that it's not good for my hair to get so much taken off if it grows so little per month..

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