curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
What does the term 'holy grail products' mean? I'm still transitioning & some terms confuse me. ;)


  • Always@night[email protected] Registered Users Posts: 566 Curl Neophyte
    Holy Grail products are different for everyone it's basically your products that you love and are your favorite to use on your hair.
  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    Oh ok.
  • So_JaneSo_Jane Registered Users Posts: 155
    Basically, it's your must have product that gives you the best results for what it does (leave-in, styler, etc...) regardless of cost (but, it doesn't have to be expensive), and you just can't live without it.
    'Poo: Aubrey Organics or Suave Clarifying
    or Liquid African Black Soap (only 4-ingredients ; awesome!)
    Co-Wash: Aubrey Organics or Suave Condish
    Condish: Aubrey Organics or Onion Mask or Yogurt
    DT: Honey + Olive Oil + AO Condish or Yogurt mix
    Best Gel Combo, Ever!: Elasta Qp Feels Like Silk Liquid Gel +/under Eco Styler [Krystal, Brown] Gel (or under Wetline Extreme Styling Gel)- awesome!!

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