180 degrees Fahrenheit + grape seed = No damage?

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Hello all!

So I've discovered that I can get a stretched out kind of look if I flat iron at 180 degrees Fahrenheit - and a silky smooth look would surely ensue if I actually flat ironed my hair in chunks that are of a decent size (yeah, 2 inches by 2 inches isn't recommended lol)

But I was wondering- is this a no damage way to straighten my hair? Well, you know, I'll still put in my grape seed oil as a heat protectant :)
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Time In; About 2 days (went to the pool, had to wash)
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    I recently read an article on the web about grape seed oil and it noted that it should not be used as a heat sealant. Its due to the capacity of it heating up is inconclusive and it recommended to use mainstream heat protectant.