Castor Oil & Almond Oil for healthy hair growth

CurlyfursCurlyfurs Posts: 3Registered Users
Hello curlys.
I recently discovered two wonderful natural oils which have transformed my hair, and I wanted to share it.

I read in many places online that putting almond oil & castor oil in your hair makes it grow extremely well and restores its health. The oil seals your hair so you do not lose moisture, it stimulates the hair follicles for growth, and the type of oil gives you hair rich moisture WITHOUT making it feel or appear oily.

I was pretty scared of doing this since it seemed horrid to put oil directly in your hair. I especially thought that, having curly, bouncy hair, the oil would make it all lank and greasy.
I've just tried almond oil recently and its really good, though.
rub it through hair from roots to ends in the shower, leave it in for the course of the shower, then wash it. preferably with natural shampoo so it doesnt strip out the goodness but doesn't matter much i shouldnt think.
then i just scrunch some mousse through and give a light upside-down blow dry. :)