I Henna'ed

I used Henna on my color treated hair, I can't wait to see the results in the morning. I finished around 8pm and i will rinse in the morning.
I am so excited


  • JFrank09JFrank09 Posts: 129Registered Users
    OMG I just did too! Can't wait to see it. I'm pretty happy with my results!
  • Always@nightAlways@night Posts: 566Registered Users
    So am I!!! Although i didn't henna for the color at all xD more to prevent shedding/breakage etc.
    This brand(a cheapie i picked up for an international indian grocery store)($1.99) was rough going in my hair, but very doable. It felt kinda like mud with grainy things in it. It rinsed out very easily and I cowashed with crece pelo and left some in. My hair was extremely soft, and when I detangled, no shedding :)