why aren't my curls beautiful when I dissolve the gel cast?

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I use all the devacurl products... It seems that every curly girl needs only gel when hair is wet, and when she dissolves the cast when hair is dry, she has beautiful curly hair all day long.. with my hair it doesn't work... 5 minutes after dissolving, my hair is very frizzfree and I love it. But if I don't take mousse and put it around every single curl, my hair gets really fluffy after only a hour...
does anybody made the same experience? what is the reason???


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    Are you using a good leave in conditioner under your gel? Maybe you need to seal between the leave-in and the gel. Are you making sure your hair is dry before breaking it? Also, are your sure it's actually frizzy? My hair definitely becomes puffier after I break the gel cast, but it's not really a bad amount.
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    Exactly what Rainboe said ... Maybe your hair is continuing to dry out after you scrunch out the crunch? Are you using enough leave in conditioner and are you sure your hair is 100% dry when you break down the gel cast?
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    You say you use "all the Devacurl products"...that could be the problem right there. I dont know what you are using but I dont like their products except for the foam. They load on the products so heavy that my hair felt like cotton candy, it was an embarassment. I suspect you are using too much product.